This is an internet presence for the following zines:


Haunted Grounds Zine:

A ghost story zine, with two true stories about getting haunted by ghosts. I once made someone cry after hearing these stories.

First issue is $1

Mixtapers Do It Better Zine:

A zine about the glorious art of making mix tapes. Zine includes helpful hints, stories about  mix    tapes, Do’s and Dont’s,guest columns, and music talk. Issues 1-4 are $1 each. Issue 3 is a split with Your Day Will Come #2, a horror movie zine.

Jesse Owens Zine:

There is no way i can explain this zine without making it seem lame and/or unlike any other zine.It’s a zine where i tell stories.  But  many people have told me that it reads just like how i tell stories in real life…which is good???

Issue #1 out NOW!!



§ 2 Responses to About

  • Keith says:

    I’m looking forward to getting a ghost story zine at CZF this year. I’ll have a table too! Cheers!

    Crucial Changes Printing Press

    • crablezines says:

      Cool! I’m also going to be reading from said zine at the friday night reading at the boring store (its also called something else. Can’t remember what.)! Come say hi!

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